HFBS | Health Facility Briefing
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Health Facility Briefing

Facility briefing software built for health construction and engineering

The Health Facility Briefing System is a professional tool for rapid creation of detailed briefing and scoping material (also called Project Functional Program) and the production of schedules and specifications.


HFBS is the essential tool for health planners, designers and health officials from the earliest project stages through to final completion and operation.

Find out more about our health facility briefing solutions in this quick demonstration video.

Get Started With HFBS

Jump start your brief using international health facility guidelines

HFBS comes with an encyclopaedic collection of localised health facility guidelines inside each domain. These contain the same Standard Components which make up the recognised iHFG International Health Facility Guidelines.


Using these ready made components users can first rapidly create a brief and then tailor this brief to the specifics of the project. This is a proven method for jump starting a project & has already saved its users hundreds of hours in project briefing administration.

Get Started With HFBS

Simple drag & drop interface

The HFBS drag and drop interface is designed with ease of use in mind, and can be used by both beginners and advanced professionals.


Once a user has created a project they can use a standards project to drag whole rooms or whole departments directly from the guidelines (Standard Components) or they can drag rooms and departments from their own projects into their new project.

Get Started With HFBS

One solution for your project

The briefing module is part of a fully linked ecosystem of modules to assist with your project including Door Schedule Management, Budget Costing, FF & FE Purchasing and Document Management.


For more information on HFBS contact technical support and ask how HFBS can simplify the management of your project.

Get Started With HFBS

Mobile applications for briefing on the go

You can also brief on the go with both on-line and mobile versions of the briefing module available.


First create a HFBS account and then download the briefing app from the app store to get started today. For more information check out the HFBS mobile applications page.

View HFBS Mobile Applications