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Perfect Health Care Services Hospital

About This Project

PHS Hospital is a modular hospital, first of its kind in India. The 500 bed hospital is being constructed in two stages, each around 250 beds.
The facility is modern in design and the operation of the hospital will be carried out in collaboration with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.
The hospital has a complete suite of services including 6 operating theatres, 2 Catheter Labs, ICU, CCU, Emergency, Medical Imaging and generous Specialist outpatient facilities. Design accommodates for off-site prefabrication. Currently the construction is in progress.
The structural elements of the hospital were completely manufactured in the factory and have been installed at the site. Prefabricated Modules for the various components of the facility are also being prepared at the manufacturing unit is Krishnagiri , India.

The construction program is set to be completed for handover to the operators by the mid of 2016.

The following modules were used in this project:

– Briefing Module
– Document Management Module
– Door Schedule Module


This is one of many successful large scale development projects currently using HFBS, for more information on how HFBS can be used in your project please contact technical support today.


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