HFBS | India’s RFHHA Endorse HFBS
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India’s RFHHA Endorse HFBS

06 Dec India’s RFHHA Endorse HFBS

India’s Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration has endorsed the use of the Indian Health Facility Guidelines, these guidelines are available for immediate use via the HFBS Briefing Module, more info: http://www.rfhha.org/index.php. The Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration (RFHHA) is the leading professional foundation in hospital and healthcare administration in Indian subcontinent.

HFBS makes it easy to use the Indian Health Facility Guidelines in a health facility project. The HFBS Indian Health Facility Guidelines project is compliant with the Indian Health Facility Guidelines. The drag and drop interface of the HFBS Briefing Module allows health facility designers to load the guidelines and quickly create a health facility brief that complies with the Health Facility Design Standards by dragging in standard components, rooms, or entire departments into the brief.

In this article we will look into how to access relevant health facility guidelines for creating a standards compliant health facility brief using the HFBS India Domain and the HFBS Briefing Module.

HFBS is featured on the official Indian Health Facility Guidelines website here: http://healthfacilityguidelines.com/Guidelines/Index/HFG-India. To get started with HFBS either browse to the official website and click the HFBS link as highlighted below or click here: https://healthdesign.com.au and then follow the below instructions.

HFBS on the Official India Health Facility Guidelines Website

Get started with the Indian Health Facility Guidelines in HFBS:

STEP 1. Create an account on HFBS at: https://hfbs.healthdesign.com.au/app/index.html, and select “India” Domain

HFBS India Health Facility Guidelines Select Domain

STEP 2. Login to HFBS, select the India Domain and create a new project

HFBS India Health Facility Guidelines New Project

STEP 3. Load the India Domain iHFG Standard Project for International Use (right top)

HFBS India Health Facility Guidelines Standard Project

STEP 4. Drag rooms or departments from the loaded standard project on the right into your project on the left, rapidly build your brief using the standards compliant project and then edit or customise the brief in your current project.

HFBS India Health Facility Guidelines Drag In Standard Componants

STEP 5. Complete your project in HFBS, print a range of reports from your project including room data sheets, room layout sheets, and more.

More information on the Indian Healthcare Facility Design Standards can be found at http://healthfacilityguidelines.com/Guidelines/Index/HFG-India. The standards provide in-depth information and ready-to-use standard components for the briefing and design of healthcare facilities at no cost.

The Indian Health Facility Guidelines are set out under 5 parts as follows:

The standards will be used for the evaluation of applications for Healthcare Facility Licensing as well as Inspections. Some pre-existing International Standards have been referenced in these standards, however, the specific and unique requirements over-ride any other standards.

The standards have been prepared by a team of specialists, drawing on their experience in creating such standards as well as information from around the world with specific customisation for India. These are amongst the most detailed and comprehensive standards of their kind in the world.

The Indian health facility standards are available through the website http://healthfacilityguidelines.com/Guidelines/Index/HFG-India. The standards are periodically reviewed and updated to respond to new operational models of healthcare, technology and public expectation.

For more information on HFBS and the Indian Health Facility Guidelines please contact HFBS today: techsupport@healthdesign.com.au