HFBS | HFBS for Revit 2015, 16, 17 Released
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HFBS for Revit 2015, 16, 17 Released

27 Jul HFBS for Revit 2015, 16, 17 Released

The HFBS team are happy to announce the release of HFBS for Revit 2015, 2016, and 2017.

HFBS for Revit provides users with the ability to automatically QA Revit designs as they are being created by linking the design to the original brief. This is particularly important with health facility projects as the brief determines compliance with local health facility regulations and guidelines.

The strength of the HFBS system is the “brief first” methodology where users are required to create a brief before beginning design. The HFBS briefing module makes it easy to create a brief that complies with health facility guidelines by allowing the user to load the guidelines directly in the briefing tool & then use these guidelines as the basis of their brief. The guidelines are available in the briefing tool automatically, all the user needs to do is login & subscribe to the domain that is in the area the health facility is being constructed (eg: Australia, India, UAE, or International for general guidelines). This method allows users to rapidly brief health facilities with the confidence that the design will confirm to local health facility standards & guidelines drastically reducing costly QA and rework.

After the brief is created the HFBS for Revit plugin bridges that gap between brief & design by allowing the user to load the brief in the Revit software directly. Then the user can actually link (at design time) the HFBS brief from department, to room, to items inside the room in the Revit design literally checking off briefed items as they design. Also the users can automatically insert Revit content that we have pre-made such as common rooms (.rvt files) or items inside the rooms (Revit families .rfa files). This highly optimised workflow facilitated by our HFBS software ensures that there is an automated QA of the design, gives the user has a library of content to help start their design, and also assists with oversight of BIM by management who want to ensure the design needs minimal rework so they can deliver on time.

Check out the HFBS for Revit page for more info, or for a demonstration see our 5min presentation video on Youtube :