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Install HFBS for Revit

Install HFBS for Revit 

HFBS for Revit bridges the gap between the project brief and model design.


Hundreds of hours are saved during the design process, as there is a significant reduction in the time spent auditing and verifying models.


To install HFBS for Revit, please contact HFBS technical support to guide you through the process.

Check out this video on how to install HFBS for Revit.

Follow the instructions below to begin the process.


1. Install HFBS for Revit

HFBS for Revit has been designed to work with Revit 2015, Revit 2016, Revit 2017, Revit 2018 and Revit 2019.


To install HFBS for Revit, please contact HFBS technical support to obtain an installer and for step-by step guidance through the installation process.


You will also need a HFBS subscription if you do not have one. If necessary, you will be guided through the process of obtaining a HFBS trial subscription during installation.


2. Add Revit families, room templates and more

The HFBS for Revit Market website and the iHFG website both contain a large range of Revit families and Revit room templates that you can use in your health facility project.


While designing via HFBS for Revit, these Revit families can be added into your Revit project, and they will be linked back to your HFBS brief.


To configure HFBS for Revit to use families in your brief:

1. Open Revit.

2. Open a Revit project.

3. Select the HFBS menu tab.

4. From the HFBS ribbon menu, select the Settings button.

5. The Application Settings window will be then displayed.

6. In the Application Settings window, configure the family, room template, and application-specific settings!

Get HFBS for Revit Families
Get iHFG Revit Room Templates

3. For more info

HFBS for Revit comes with a comprehensive user guide and several useful videos for quickly getting started.

Go To About HFBS for Revit