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About HFBS for Revit

About HFBS for Revit

HFBS for Revit comes with a comprehensive user guide and several useful videos for getting started.


Please contact HFBS technical support to arrange a training session for you or your team, either via phone, video conference or at our offices.


Contact HFBS technical support if you have further questions about HFBS for Revit.

Contact HFBS Support

Installing HFBS for Revit

In this video demonstration we will show you how to install and configure HFBS for Revit:


  • Install HFBS for Revit.
  • Configure HFBS for Revit.
  • Sign in to your first HFBS project.
Install HFBS for Revit

Quick Start

Discover how to rapidly design a health facility using HFBS for Revit by:


  • Load an existing brief from HFBS, to use as a reference during design.
  • Create a Revit project with ready-made Revit families and Revit room templates that match the brief.
  • Audit a BIM project by linking departments, rooms, and room items to a HFBS brief.

Download the User Guide


Download our comprehensive user guide and become an expert in the use of HFBS for Revit to rapidly design health facilities.

Download User Guide

HFBS for Revit Training

HFBS technical support is available to conduct training sessions for you or your team via phone, video conference or at our offices.

Contact HFBS Support

Install HFBS for Revit

For a step by step guide on how to install HFBS for Revit, please see the installation page.

Install HFBS for Revit
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