HFBS | HFBS for Revit – Healthcare Facility Revit Design Plugin
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HFBS for Revit – Healthcare Facility Revit Design Plugin

HFBS for Revit rapidly designs healthcare facilities and keeps brief & design in sync

The HFBS for Revit suite bridges the gap between the project brief and model design.


Hundreds of hours are saved during the design process, as there is a significant reduction in the time spent auditing and verifying models.It brings the function of HFBS right into Revit, allowing you to easily synchronise and audit your Revit models with HFBS.


For more information, please contact HFBS technical support.

Find out more about HFBS for Revit in this quick demonstration video.

Install HFBS for Revit

HFBS for Revit bridges the gap between brief & design

HFBS for Revit allows users to load their existing project brief from HFBS to use as a reference whilst designing. This allows users to rapidly identify inconsistencies between the project brief and the Revit model. It:

  • Brings your HFBS brief directly into Revit.
  • Provides a hierarchy of Departments, Rooms and Items (that includes Furniture, Fittings, Fixtures and Equipment) within Revit.
  • Provides automatic identification of Revit family content, by inserting and linking to the web-based HFBS platform.
  • Checks compliance with the briefing requirements. This includes verification of areas, contents, quantities and labels as you work.
  • Use Revit to visualize the model whilst keeping all brief data on the HFBS web-based platform for sharing with other team members, other applications and across the world!
  • Insert Revit Families and Room Templates using the brief items as a guide. This allows users to rapidly build a Revit project using their HFBS brief. For more information on HFBS for Revit Families and Room Templates check the HFBS for Revit Market website.
  • Automatic Room Layout Sheet (RLS) setup with 1:50 plans and elevations. Start with 80% and complete the annotation as required.
Install HFBS for Revit

Get a free trial of HFBS for Revit

The pricing model for HFBS for Revit is an affordable, yearly subscription-based pricing model that is scales depending on the number of users.


To begin using HFBS for Revit, simply log into HFBS and click the HFBS for Revit button in the menu at the bottom.

You will now be able to download HFBS for Revit & begin your free trial!


If you already have a subscription to HFBS for Revit & are looking for the download link, click the following button.

Log into HFBS

For more info

HFBS for Revit comes with a comprehensive user guide and several useful videos for quickly getting started.

Go to About HFBS for Revit

Rapidly design health facilities using HFBS for Revit Families and Room Templates

The HFBS for Revit Market website and the International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) website contain a large database of families and room templates you can use in your health facility project.


These families can be added directly into your Revit project whilst you are designing.

When using the HFBS for Revit plugin, these families can now be linked back to your HFBS brief.


You can also configure HFBS for Revit to automatically use families by linking multiple family folder locations to your brief.


See Install HFBS for Revit